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About Bhakti Events

Bhakti Events is the best event management company in Udaipur, India; dedicated to transform your vision for any event into a reality without burning a hole in your wallet. We are Udaipur’s finest event managers that are well versed with this industry and have a huge clientele all over the country.

Planning any sort of mass collective is very stressful in it’s own way and we understand how personal and perfect every detail must be. We are a team of trained professionals, ready to tackle any and every obstacle that one may face while managing a huge event; backed by our experience and hundreds of client testimonials, we always deliver to our expectations.

We offer a huge catalog of themes and services that may be added to your event to add to the bling. Our extensive contacts help us find the right executives and staff that will blend in seamlessly at your event and create a comfortable yet expensive vibe.

Making your event a historical one:

As trained professionals, we at Bhakti events is taught to make every event stand out from the other. Our prime focus is the story behind the Bride and Groom’s relationship and transpiring it into the details of the wedding. Every wedding has a story and we will make sure yours is told in subtle ways at your wedding.

Our biggest strength is listening and executing the wishes of the customer to it’s most grand fashion. Bhakti event is a family of enthusiastic professionals that will realize the power of your wedding story and synergize it’s beauty into a wedding of your dreams. In each family and each event, there needs to be a different layout of the ceremony. From catering to the lights, we make sure everything hits the right spots for you and makes it unforgettable unlike any other.

Our work procedure

Collecting information and inputs

We at Bhakti events start off our standard procedure by collecting all the information regarding your taste and the vibe of your wedding. Once we have the client's input on the latter, we put a mood board together to get an overall idea of what we are looking at.

Organizing the team

Next, we start organizing our team based on what your event will be to have compartmentalization of duties and departments. We hire only the best for your event that will satisfy your unique requirements. Once this is sorted we move on the finer and more technical aspect of the event.

Planning the Budget

Now, we sit down and work up your budget. Mind you the objective is not to make it as expensive as possible but to provide and many styles and taste to it as much possible. Indian weddings are basically very organized and pre-planned, hence we take all accounts into consideration and make the budget plan that will lay guidelines for you for all the purchasing.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

We then invite sponsors and establish partnerships that will further make the show run smoothly. This is a very crucial step as it not only aids the marketing but also brings down the cost of the overall expenditure by a huge margin. Although not all weddings are planned by professionals in India, these are some of the technicalities that aren’t taken into consideration when the wedding isn’t planned by a professional.

Creating a publicity plan

Next is creating a publicity plan. A publicity plan is not the only big-scale wedding that will have a huge media coverage but is also important for a normal wedding. You will have to make announcements on various platforms for the big event, why not have the pros do it for you. The publicity plan is created by our best professionals that are in touch with the most trendy and respected platforms to put your big event on.

Planning the D day

This brings us to the last piece of the puzzle, that is planning the day of. The day is basically your big day or the D day. All the work that has been put into the making of the event, transpires into reality on this day. We organize the day of the main event by timing, ceremony, the sequence of entry and exit. The food, the music, the lights the singers and all the other details along with the Itenary for the Bride and Groom is prepared.

Bhakti events is not just a wedding planner in Udaipur firm but more so a group of enthusiasts that have gained knowledge and are genuinely here to give you a memory of a lifetime. This is Udaipur at it’s finest and weddings are it’s best. Allow us to show you the potential your story has to transform your wedding dreams into a reality.